Dr. Hamilton: Remember, Lex, you're the one opening Pandora's Box.
Lex: I'm just the key, Dr. Hamilton.

Lex: Pete, I'm going to reach in there and get that book. If you want to shoot me... go ahead.
Pete: No problem.

"On God's green earth, this flower was the thief in the temple, the silent temptress that, with a single sneeze brought out the basest instincts in men and drove them to violence."

Dr. Hamilton: A situation's come up in my lab.
Lex: Don't you mean your barn?

Kasitch: She's cute.
Lex: She's engaged.

I don't believe in obligations.

Lex: Who are you?
Jude: Don't you remember? You killed me.

Lex: Clark, you can't save the world. All you'll end up with is a Messiah complex and a lot of enemies.
Clark: I saved you, didn't I? That turned out all right.

(to Chloe) I look forward to resuming our verbal judo.

Just remember boys - you keep my secret, and I'll keep yours. [pause] And If you don't, you'll find out you're not the only ones who can reach through walls.

You're a teenager, Lana. Mercurial doesn't do you justice.

A man is judged by the quality of his friends. If the quarterback's with them, he'll have to face the consequences.

Smallville Quotes

Clark: Isn't it time we moved beyond these mental trials?
Jor-El: Your determination is strong, Son, but just as your passion will be your greatest strength, so, too, will it be your greatest obstacle.

Chloe: Dr. Hamilton.
Dr. Hamilton: If you would be so kind as to lower the 9mm Jericho 941. I prefer "Emil."