Oh what do you know; you are recently hatched from the gay egg.

Betty took that job in LONDON!

I knew your obsession with the Mede's would get the best of you.

Who says I can't have a healthy relationship?

So that thing you wanted to talk to me about, did it involve words?

I like Trey better. Or Trevor. We'll talk about it. I'm sure he'll want to weigh in.

Betty: I even picked out a nice outfit -
Marc: Oh! Why didn't you wear it?

Count me in - I love drama and I like theater.

Isn't it obvious - your stumble into good taste has killed her!

Marc: And you thought you couldn't be nice.
Wilhelmina: Get Kathy back in here, I need to kick someone.

Haaa you're mean - I love it!

I know you're going to want to talk because you are Betty.

Ugly Betty Quotes

I've had to say good-bye more times than I may have like, but everyone can say that. And no matter how many times we have to do it - even if it's for the greater good, it still stings. And although we will never forget what we've given up, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward. What we can't do is live our lives afraid of the next good-bye because chances are they are not going to stop. The trick is to recognize when a good-bye can be a good thing - when it's a chance to start again.


Wilhelmina: How's my baby?
Marc: I'm fine Willy. Oh Willy... you know how i get when you call me that. Oh, that baby. Gestating nicely I'm told though Christina is getting a little too comfortable at the spa. She requested a few extra days for her and her terminal Scotsman.
Wilhelmina: Make sure she's aware her contract with me specifically prohibits extra curricular womb activities.