How much longer must I be a prisoner in my own home?

Marc: And trust me, no good ever came from keeping someone in the closet.
Amanda: Wow. You just got really deep.
Marc: I know. Now I have a headache.

I'm sharing an office with a chunky cheering charro.

Hello Gorgeous!

I wanna kill myself. Wilhelmina and Daniel will not stop fighting over me. This ménage a moi has got to stop! I hate being in the middle. I mean, unless there's a Gyllenhaal involved.

Reach for the stars and unicorns and lollipops and sunflowers!

Yeah Betty, newsflash, you aren't the only one with hopes and dreams.

Betty: Marc, you just ruined my ribbon!
Marc: Yeah, you just ruined my life!

Betty, you know that I am not one to get all mushy.

Betty Suarez keeping the dream alive for hookers with hammer toe!

(to Betty) The real Matt? Or the Matt who's a human sacrifice and you're an Aztec warrior cutting out his heart?

(to Amanda) If I knew he was a ga-virgin, I never would have taken his delicate flower!

Ugly Betty Quotes

Betty told me to feed and water you


I peed a little.