Sam: Dean, is it really you?
Dean: Yeah, it's really me.

Sam: Cass, you know why you can't go with us, right?
Castiel: My angelic presence will be sensed by Michael thereby nullifying our hopes of a sneak attack.
Sam: Yeah, sorry.
Castiel: And you need me to stay here to babysit Nick and Jack.
Sam: It's not babysitting, Cass.
Castiel: Only in the sense that their both not infants but they both need to be supervised. Jack is lost without his grace and Nick is...he's just a mess.

Dean: Holy crap.
Sam: You did it.
Dean: No. No we did it!

Castiel: It's not possible.
Sam: Yeah. Tell him that!

Dean: Sam? What happened?
Sam: He uh...he brought me back.
Lucifer: It's what I do.

Castiel: Well that was fast.
Sam: Very, very fast.
Rowena: One can even say premature.
Gabriel: I thought it would be enough.

Sam: You and Loki are friends.
Gabriel: We were.

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Sam: This is going to hurt a little.
Gabriel: A little?

Jessica: Rowena's changing people's fates. She's killing them before their time, and when a reaper shows...
Sam: She torches them, too.
Jessica: Yes.
Dean: Why?
Jessica: You'll have to ask her when you stop her. Because if she keeps this up she's going to throw off fate. The whole greater machinery of death.
Sam: That means?
Jessica: Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect?
Dean: Ashton's second best movie.

Sam: She wanted to protect herself.
Dean: Yeah by barbecuing someone.

Sam: What's the catch? What do you want?
Ketch: Protection.

Dean: Great! More books.
Sam: You love books.

Supernatural Quotes

Sam: Ignoring your trauma doesn't make you healthy.
Dean: Sure it does!

You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.