However, if you stick around and shave again - looks like I can have it all.

Should she slow down or you speed up?

I know Marc might not walk like a man or talk like a man, and his features are vaguely lesbian. But the truth is that he's my one constant over the years.

Please! I'm more of a man than you'll ever be.

If he loved me he would do what I want - not this.

Wilhelmina: You can say yes now or you can say yes later, but I will come back every day until I get the answer I I will ask again, will you marry me?
Connor: Yes - you pushy remarkable woman, I will marry you!

You're not paid for your voice - you're paid for mine.

Daniel, I need Marc and you're just going to have to deal with it.

There are trends to be set, dreams to be trampled!

I can't afford to get caught sneaking out in again in one of your ridiculous jumpsuits. It's a miracle I could pass it off as a trend. You know, some idiots will wear anything!

These past three weeks have been heaven - aside from my tailoring bill. You've got to stop literally ripping my clothes off!

Betty, Betty, Betty, take the stick out! Everything will be taken care of.

Ugly Betty Quotes

Betty told me to feed and water you


I peed a little.