Claude: Com not quite what I was expecting, but hope for the flowers yet.
Peter Petrelli: You threw me. Off of a 30-story building! If I didn't regenerate, I'd be dead!
Claude: Well, you could have flown. Listen, if you hadn't have worked this one out, you'd have been hopeless anyway. And I'd have to defuse the biggest bomb ever. But you did it, didn't you? You cleared your mind. You called out your power.
Peter Petrelli: You know, before I hit the ground... when I knew what was about to happen, I had this flash... in my head,of this girl that I met in Texas. This cheerleader. She could heal herself. Oh, gosh, she's this sweet kid. Sad little smile, and she just... you were wrong. I don't have to cut her out. I have to remember her! How - how she made me feel! That's how I... Oh, god. It's happening. I'm losing it!
Claude: Well, it's a start.

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Peter Petrelli
Heroes Season 1 Episode 9: "Homecoming"
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Heroes Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Peter Petrelli: Did I save the world?
Claire Bennet: I don't know... I'm just a cheerleader.

My name is Hiro Nakamura... I am here to save your life!

Hiro Nakamura