Paige: For it what it's worth, Walter, it's not your fault. When I met you, emotionally you were nine. I got you to 15, 16, but I think that's as far as you can go. I don't blame you.
Sly: Well, I do. You said there's nothing going on between you two, but you made her fall in love with you.
Walter: How did I make her do anything?
Sly: You invited her to work with us. You take her out. You tell her you dream about kissing her. You were seducing her all along. I was the one who was in love with her, and now you ruin it.
Florence: Sylvester.
Sly: You know how hard its been to even consider dating anyone since Megan died?
Walter: Don't bring up my sister. If you were a real man instead of a comic book baby boy, you would have asked Flo out a long time ago. You are using my sister as a crutch.

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22: "A Lie in the Sand"
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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Listen, I have waited for a family my whole life, and Scorpion is it. And I am about to turn my ass into a pin cushion, so I can have more family. I am not going to let you blow up our family because you are a knucklehead.


Toby: What was that for?
Happy: Jerks don't get coffee.