Officer: You fit the description, you ducked behind a car.
Luke: To tie my shoe.
Officer: I don't know that. All I know is I got a male, black, smashing windows. You get it, right?
Luke: Am I free to go now.
Officer: Enjoy the rest of your run.

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All Rise Season 1 Episode 3: "Sweet Bird of Truth"
All Rise
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All Rise Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Driscoll: Ms. Cartwright, how did you come to amass 200,000 followers?
Janni: By you, do you mean Irk?
Driscoll: Let me rephrase, I'd like to know how you, Janni, created your avatar Irk.
Janni: I, uh, uh, she, Irk is air cobra who descends from a long line of avian Queens. I'm royalty. I mean Irk's royalty, I, um. She...
Lola: Counselor, does your witness need a minute?
Driscoll: How 'bout you keep your pronouns straight?
Jani: I can't.
Lola: Jani, why do you find it difficult to answer Mr. Driscoll's questions?
Jani: I'm more comfortable when I'm online, when I'm just me.
Lola: Alright, but we are here, and you're a witness in a very serious proceeding.
Jani: Irk isn't in my mind. Irk's me.

Lola: Judge Binner!
Liz: What, you didn't like your new furniture? Stairwell 411?
Lola: Oh, right. Getting my 10,000 steps in is kind of hard without the Santa Monica stairs, so I ask people to meet me up here and then we walking down.
Liz: In heels?
Lola: Each step counts as double. Plus, it's nice to get outside of the office. How's your day?
Liz: Lovely, thanks for asking. I understand our chambers can feel a bit snug at first.
Lola: No, I like them very much.
Liz: But instead of the fire route, we do have the judges' lounge.
Lola: I'm trying to ease my way in. There's a little too much golf talk for me.
Liz: If you want to feel like you belong, and I want you to, you will need to spend more time with us, your new friends. And less time up here in the treehouse with your old ones. I'll see ya in the lounge.