J.D.'s Narration: Even though I had no clue what I was gonna say, Elliot's attitude inspired me to go introduce the hell out of Bob Kelso.
J.D.: Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Bob Kelso is a-
Dr. Kelso: Thank you, Dr. Dorian! Thank you so much for this award. Delighted to see you all...

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J.D., Bob Kelso
Scrubs Season 5 Episode 4: "My Jiggly Ball"
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Scrubs Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Orderly: (Handing Elliot a chart) This guy has an S.T.D., and he definitely doesn't want his wife to find out.
Elliot: (Walks in, sees Kelso)
Dr. Kelso: Crap.

(His entire right hand is moving) Guys, I think there might be something wrong with my spine, because I'm not doing that!

</i> J.D.