Mr. Wednesday: Are you nervous?
Shadow: No, I've never flown before.
Mr. Wednesday: Nothing to it. Just sit back like a bird and drink up. [offers Shadow his drink] What? I offer you the worm from my beak and you look at me like I fucked your mom?
Shadow: Sorry. You're just the first person I've talked to who wasn't an asshole.
Mr. Wednesday: Give it time.

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American Gods Season 1 Episode 1: "The Bone Orchard"
American Gods
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American Gods Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It's like one of those good/news bad news jokes, isn't it? The good news is, we'are lettin' you out early. The bad news is your wife's dead.


Shadow, we're going to be releasin' you later this afternoon. You'll be gettin' out a coupla days early. There's no good way to say this, so I'll put it plain. This came in from Johnson City Hospital from Eagle point. Your wife, she died in the early hours of this morning. It was ah, an automobile accident.