Kenny: [Stan reading from letter] He still seems quite angry at times, but luckily his ceremony will finally take place on the morrow.
Stan: On the morrow? What the **** is wrong with Kenny?
Kenny: To wit, I have found nothing wrong with this remote place, and I must admit it will be with some melancholy I will leave this island and return home. I saw this chick in a bikini on the beach too. She had the nicest boobs ever. Humbly yours, Kenneth.

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Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick
South Park Season 16 Episode 11: "Going Native"
South Park
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South Park Season 16 Episode 11 Quotes

Butters, people can't just go around beating up people who have diabetes!


I'm telling you, Butters beat the crap out of Scott and then locked himself in the bathroom!