He's over there risking his life ... you know how I feel about this.


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Michael Holden
Army Wives Season 2 Episode 15: "Thank You For Letting Me Share"
Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Guy at Bar: Relax, he's just having a good time tonight.
Roxy: A good time? I'm up to my neck in other people's good times. Gettin' drunk and losing control, that's not good times. And you know what the problem is, it's never YOUR FAULT! What about the people who have to pick up the tab for that, huh? What about THEIR good times? You don't even care about the people you leave in your path!

Roland: Roxy, No offense, but you look like death warmed over.
Roxy: Trevor has his meeting tomorrow and I got the early shift with the boys, so I cannot be sick. [sneezes]
Roland: Apparently your body didn't get that memo.