Kimara: These are all my notes from last year.
Stevens: That's all of them?
Kimara: Oh, yeah.
Stevens: Okay.
Kimara: You don't want to take them with you?
Stevens: I appreciate you taking the time. Most of the people who come to us, we're lucky if they have two months of purchase orders. I just need you to sign this.

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American Crime Season 0 Episode 7: "3.07"
American Crime
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American Crime Season 0 Episode 7 Quotes

Jeanette: It's not like I've been sitting around.
Raelyn: I didn't say you were.
Jeanette: I've been filling out applications, going for assessments... I've been looking for work all day.
Raelyn: Yeah, well I HAVE been working. All night.

Administrator: Either we cut staff or we cut services.
Kimara: It comes out the same.
Administrator: We're not going to cut services.
Kimara: It's the same thing.
Administrator: It's not the same.
Kimara: It is the same. If we don't have the staff -
Administrator: Money comes and money goes. You know that.
Kimara: Money comes when bad things happen. When people feel guilty and it's too late to help.