Daniel: I really need you to deal with these
Betty: Okay
Daniel: Last year the mandate was for cuffs to be peering out from jackets. At Marc Jacobs' preview last night suddenly they're peaking instead. Can you believe it?
Betty: Nope, I can't
Daniel: It was humiliating. I need an eight of an inch off all of them ASAP. Please use your discretion. I'd be mortified if anyone knew they were mine

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Betty Suarez, Daniel Meade
Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 15: "There's No Place Like Mode"
Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Are you sure? I'm worried that the Cavalli makes you look a little too Michelle Obama at the mall

Marc [to Wilhelmina]

Betty [about speaker]: She's so amazing I can't believe you get to work for her
Girl: What you do sounds a lot more fun, especially during fashion week
Betty: Fashion week isn't nearly as cool as genocide week... sorry that came out wrong