Abigail: These words are not easy for me to say, but here it goes. I'm sorry.
Donovan: Oh.
Abigail: What you told me, I guess it took me by surprise.
Donovan. I, I guess.
Abigail: And I did this to try and make it up to you.
Donovan: That's nice.
Abigail: Donovan. I. I.
Donovan: If you can't say it, it's OK.
Abigail: I'm thinking it in my head, but the word can't come out of my mouth.
Donovan: Maybe you're putting too much pressure on yourself.
Abigail: No, I'm telling you I physically can't say it! I think it's the curse.
Donovan: You know what, I think I'm just gonna call it a night.
Abigail: No! I can prove to you that it's real.
Donovan: The Curse?
Abigail: No! How I feel about you! I, I literally spelt it out! [a gust of wind blows flower petals spelling out I love you off the couch] This isn't happening!
Donovan: I think you might be right.

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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 10: "The Graduation"
Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Donovan: Hey, so I saw this and thought of you.
Abigail: Wow. [opens jewelry box] You must think a lot of me. I love it!
Donovan: I love you.
Abigail. Oh. Thank you.
Donovan: Thank you.
Abigail: That's really nice to hear.
Donovan: Yeah, I suppose it is!

Linda: Oh, my baby is going to college. I can't believe it.
Nick: Alright, let's not make it weird.