Clary: If you have to leave, hold this for at least 30 seconds.
"Sebastian": I was just wondering actually, if you caught Jonathan, you wouldn't kill him, would you?
Clary: I used to believe that Jonathan could be saved, but after what he did to Elliot, and Dot, and now Max, I'll kill him with my bare hands if that's what it takes.
Sebastian: Well then...shall we?
[Holds the stone]

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 18: "Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen"
Katherine McNamara
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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Alec: Magnus, I love you.
Magnus: I love you too. But as a leader, there are difficult decisions I need to make to ensure the survival of my people. The only thing holding me back from doing you.
Alec: No, no.
Magnus: I can't have both.
Alec: Yes, you can. We can. Magnus...we can figure this out.
Magnus: You once asked me what I'm afraid's this.
[He walks away from Alec]

Clary: What if the mirror I destroyed isn't the Mortal Mirror?
Jace: Why would your mom give it to the warlocks to protect?
Clary: Maybe she thought it was. We all did. Maybe whoever made it wanted it that way?
Isabelle: To distract people from finding the real one...
Jace: Well, the legend says the Mirror is not meant to be easily found. The angels hold the key.
[Clary remembers her vision]
Clary: The water. It's a reflection.
Jace: What water? What are you talking about?
Clary: I didn't destroy the Mirror. These visions I've been having...they're a message from the angels. The Mirror is Lake Lin.