Kristin: Chuck and I are going to shoot a new promo for the Grill's new website.
Ed: That sounds like a terrific idea but make sure it is classy. Nothing says classy like a spokesperson in a tuxedo. I have four. Four wives, four tuxedos. For this one, I would use the Marianne.
Chuck: Are you sure Ed? Acting is harder than it looks.
Ed: Trust me I am a natural. I know all the tricks. As much as I love the camera, it loves me more.
Kristin: Thank you, Ed. It is going to be great.
Chuck: I will round up the in-house production guys. Kristin, you write up the copy. Ed, take Marianne to the cleaners.
Ed. With pleasure, her lawyer did the same to me in 86'.

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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 7: "Dreams vs. Realty"
Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Vanesa: It is better she talks to you. You're someone who made their dreams come true.
Mike: Let's not get into this again.
Vanessa: You think that is an insult? Well, I have a couple more. You're handsome, and you're good in the sack.
Mike: Oh really! Well how about this, you're intelligent, and you have a nice rack. Now you go!
Vanesa: But seriously. Outdoor Man was your dream, and you made it come true. That is pretty impressive.
Mike: More specifically, Outdoor Man was a goal of mine., this is my dream. You, the kids, us and I didn't make this dream happen, we made this happen.
Vanessa: Just when I think I can't love you any more than I do, it happens.
Mike: Well that is because you understand I am intelligent and good in the sack.

Mike: I am looking at the stuff you did as a kid, this is early stuff you did. Honey this is really amazing. Your work is spectacular.
Mandy: You really think it is good?
Mike: I think it is great. But it doesn't matter what I think, or Modern anybody thinks. The only person that has to think it is great is sitting in your chair right now.
Mandy: I just don't know if I can take it anymore. This isn't my first rejection dad. I am sick of hearing them say no.
Mike: Then you can pack all this stuff up. And that is ok, that is ok. But then you will never experience what is like when they go yes, yes!
Mandy: Just tell me the truth. Does life get any easier?
Mike: No! But the good news is that it goes by real quick.