Brett: I have to ask you a question first.
Casey: What?
Brett: The reason I’ve been so scared of this happening. The thing I need to know. If Gabby came back to Chicago, right now, tonight, and asked you to leave with her, would you go?
Casey: I haven’t talked to her in a long time.
Brett: That’s not the question, Matt.
Casey: I don’t know.
Brett: Thank you for being honest. I guess that I knew you were still in love with Gabby all along, and so this, this is on me.
Casey: It’s more complicated than that.
Brett: No, it’s… it’s really not.

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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 2: "That Kind of Heat"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Boden: I have had it. Hey, why is this thing making two-sided copies? This is unacceptable.
Ritter: Oh well, if you want to change it you just do that.
Boden: All of this clerical nonsense just to commission a new ambulance. Civilians not allowed to work in the house for almost a year now, paperwork’s piling up.
Gallo: These have been on Gloria’s desk for a year?
Boden: What?
Ritter: Here, give me those forms. Gallo and I can handle it for you.
Boden: That’s a very generous offer.
Severide: Hey, does anyone know where 61 got towed?
Boden: Gallo and Ritter will handle that for you. They’re working the bullpen.
Severide: OK, I need the exact salvage yard the rig is in stat, and I need to address.
Ritter: OK.
Severide: Thanks.
Gallo: Why does a squad lieutenant want to track down an ambulance?
Severide: Why does a truck newbie want to get up all in my business?
Ritter: We’ll find out, no worries.
Gallo: If we had just taken the Red Vines back to the bunks like I suggested, none of this would have happened.
Ritter: I told you that’s stealing. It’s just a couple small things.

Casey: We should have seen them by now.
Kidd: Whoa, hang on.
Casey: Down there. That’s the rig. Kidd!
Kidd: Hold on, I’m trying.
Casey: Let me out.
Kidd: Hold on, I’m gonna turn around. Casey.