Yanek: The thing of it is mankind has existed in a state of tension since the beginning of time. Between what is and what could be. There's a truth, too, that we can't deny.
Howard A: What truth?
Yanek: That any man may see himself as ordinary, but confront him with another version of his life and the one destroys the other. It's inevitable.
Howard A: I don't believe that.
Yanek: Your other is out there right now erasing you from your own existence.
Howard A: You don't know that.
Yanek: If it's occurred to you, it's occurred to him, and it has occurred to you, hasn't it? You are a gentle man, and this is war.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 3: "Something Borrowed"
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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Howard A: Why are you in here?
Peter Quayle P: I'm serving my world in the fight against yours. Yanek says I'm one of the most important people here. I suppose now we know why.
Howard A: Yanek?
Peter P: Yeah. I give him secrets, my secrets, things about my life, things I'm afraid of, things that only I can know. So now Management knows my other's secrets.

Lambert 2: Can we still trust her?
Lambert 1: I suppose we'll find out.