Cartman: I'm a racist, huh? I'm a racist? It's how nature works, Kyle. Look, what about Luke Covina and Maria Sanchez? Is it a coincidence they ended up together?
Stan: Actually, I heard they're together because they got locked in the school gym overnight a few nights ago.
Cartman: Oh, did they? I hadn't heard about that.
Cupid Cartman: Teehee, that was us, remember, Eric?
Cartman: Shh, quiet Cupid me!

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Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh
South Park Season 16 Episode 7: "Cartman Finds Love"
South Park
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South Park Season 16 Episode 7 Quotes

Anyway, thanks a lot, and stay away from my man, bitch.


Aw, Token's shy! Oh my god, that is adorable.