Paul: Look, I go to London looking for a few thousand dollars, but those assholes wouldn't give it to me. But I'm worth millions, right? I'm John Paul Getty III. Hundreds of millions. I'm gold.
Martine: So?
Paul: So? You all knew, you were all cashing in. So now I cash in.
Martine: But what are you cashing in?
Paul: Me.

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Trust Season 1 Episode 3: "La Dolce Vita"
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Trust Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You think cocaine is free, like the bread and olives on the table! Every time I hear, "Getty will pay, Getty will pay, Getty will pay." So now, Getty pays, cazzo. $6,000.


That's women for you. When they get you under their spell.

Luigi [to Paul]