Snyder: I'm not playing a game, Bram. My life is at stake. Lots of lives are at stake, so I need the truth. All of it!
Bram: No, no, no don't! He didn't do anything! I swear to God he didn't do anything. No, don't!
Snyder: Was anything else involved?
Bram: No.
Snyder: You were just lying to me. Why should I believe you now?
Bram [sobbing]: I want to go home.
Snyder: You're a loose end. WAS ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED???
Bram: NO!

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Colony Season 2 Episode 8: "Good Intentions"
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Colony Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Karen: I know I'm going to go to the factor just for being Frankie's mother because that what you people do.
Will: Not all of us.

I'm sorry. Was I, in my state of utter distress, babbling in tongues? YOUR FRIENDS ARE ALREADY DEAD! This is damage control. Either some of us die, or all of us do. You get the honor of deciding which one of us it's going to be.