Zoey: I'm not sure that I can do this. I mean I... You and Mo-mo, you're all so good at what you do. And the doctors... Oh my God! They're healers. And this place is so amazing. I got into nursing because I wanna help people, and I'm afraid I'm just slowing you down.
Jackie: What's this about? Nobody ate your muffins? You found an ear in the toilet? So what? You know what this job is honey? This job is wading through a shit storm of people who come into this place on the very worst day of their lives. Just so you know, doctors are here to diagnose, not heal. We heal. All saints is in the business of flipping beds. That's it. End of story. The fact that you have even the slightest inclination to help people puts you miles ahead of 100 percent of the population. So stop crying, okay? Buck up. If you need to cry, go do it in the ladies' room. Is that clear?

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Jackie Peyton, Zoey Barkow
Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 2: "Sweet-N-All"
Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

(voice-over) Watch and learn. Percocet should never be crushed, broken or chewed unless you want it to hit your system like a bolt of lightning. Which is only a problem if you're afraid of lightning which I am not.


Mrs. Akalitus: I have no choice but to initiate an internal investigation.
Jackie: I resent what you're insinuating. Why on earth would my nursing student flush a man's ear down the toilet?
Zoey: But I'm the one who found it.
Mrs. Akalitus: And there are firemen who set their own fires just to call them in.
Jackie: You know, you're not wrong. My uncle Gary torched a hobby store. But that was an insurance thing. Anyway, I hope you get the bottom of this.