Leon: Tell me, are you convincing my son not to become a priest?
Acosta: Dad!
Leon: I’ll tell you right now, I want my seed spread far and wide.
XXX: Is he talking about his seed again?
Leon: Hey, I’m in my 60s; what else am I gonna do?

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EVIL Season 1 Episode 8: "2 Fathers"
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EVIL Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Kristen: Ah, God, it’s great here.
Acosta: Not another house for 10 miles. It’s like the start of a horror movie.
Kristen: Oh well, bad cellphone coverage. Guess all we need is car trouble, and we’ll have won horror movie bingo.

Leon: Look, I know we hit that fork in the road -- you danced off toward religion, I got swallowed up with art. What you feel when you pray, get a whiff of that incense, I feel right here with color. The way St. John of the Cross talks about mysticism, that’s how I feel about painting. Someone paints through me; my hand is divinely guided.
Acosta: By who?
Leon: I don’t know: spirit, perfect muse. All I know is when I’m painting, it’s crap, but when somebody else paints through me, that’s when it all comes together.
Acosta: How do you know it’s not some bad spirit painting through you?
Leon: Now, you’re talking like a priest. There’s no good or bad in art. The more years you put on you, you’ll see. Duality doesn’t exist. There’s just what is.