Archer: Who the shit is that? (after hearing a knock on the door)
Barry: Is it Barry? Does that mean Barry possibly literally froze his nuts off in the wheel well of a 747 so he can murder the shit-eating Archer?.....Yes it does other Barry. Oh yes

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Sterling Archer
Archer Season 6 Episode 4: "Edie's Wedding"
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Archer Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Barry: Said the dumbwaiter. Get it Archer? As in you're dumb and you dress like a waiter?
Pam: Told ya!
Archer: Goddamnit Pam! This is exactly what a man should wear to a (wedding)

Pam: I don't want a show up with a black eye.
Archer: Not a real diverse crowd?
Pam: Eye, idiot! Eye! Although no, not a lot of black guys in rural Wisconsin, and I don't want to sound racist but...
Archer: Power through it