Amanda: Is it possible he was just licking guacamole off your chin?
Marc: Ohh
Amanda: You are known to have food situations
Betty: Nope, I wasn't even eating
Marc: Not eating? This story is getting more and more preposterous

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Betty Suarez, Amanda Tanen, Marc St. James
Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 13: "Kissed Off"
Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Amanda: She's so pretty, but not pretty enough for me to be threatened by
Applicant: I don't think I'm interested anymore

Molly: Did you just toss your change in the garbage?
Daniel: No
Molly: Liar? You totally did.
Daniel: What it was seven cents? I hate pennies
Molly: What do you hate nickels too? Rich jerk.