Hooten: This is what you want. And me. Let Alex go. You just leave her alone.
Kane: Like you left my wife alone?
Lady Alex: You ran off with his wife? That is a significant detail to leave out.
Hooten: He murdered her for it. And our son.
Kane: You knew what would happen, what I do to those who betray me.
Hooten: He was a 6 year old boy, he didn't betray anybody. He just loved his parents.
Kane: I trusted you like a brother.
Hooten: She didn't love you: she was scared of you.
Kane: So you condemned her to a lifetime in hiding, wondering how long will we have? And for what?
Hooten: It was still the better life.
Kane: Is that what you tell yourself? Did your son feel the same way?

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Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 7: "Cambodia"
Hooten and The Lady
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Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hooten: Holy shit! Go Alex!
Lady Alex: Untie them. OK, what do I do? What do I do now?
Hooten: You're doing great.
Lady Alex: On my God, I think I'm going to be sick.

Lady Alex: I'm worried about you, Hooten. I mean genuinely concerned.
Hooten: Is this a guilt trip about leaving me in Russia? I thought that meant we were done.
Lady Alex: It was just a spat. It doesn't mean you have to disappear off the face of the planet.
Hooten: You're still pissed about the egg. I got a bit paranoid, I admit.
Lady Alex: Your friend was murdered, and now you're hiding out here in Cambodia.
Hooten: Can't a guy have a vacation?
Lady Alex: Shutting me out-lying about where you are, and now chasing something that doesn't even exist. A jewel that bestows immortality.
Hooten: You're right. I've lost it.
Lady Alex: Then why are you doing it?