Ignacio: It's a tough decision but let me tell you waht to do . keep your mouth shut and get my ass home from Mexico
Betty: But Daniel is my boss
Ignacio: Oh yeah? Did your boss bring home in blanket from the hospital? Did your boss teach you to swim? Did your boss pull you off the tracks seconds before subway was about to crush you?
Betty: I didn't know you did that
Ignacio: I didn't but I was nervous the first two weren't impressive enough

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Betty Suarez, Ignacio Suarez
Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 2: "Family/Affair"
Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Amanda [referring to Fey]: I just stare at her picture all day and then I stare at myself in the mirror
Marc: More than usual?
Amanda: Yeah
Marc: Oh
Amanda: I just wish I got to know her better
Marc: Yeah and I wish I got to know Marlon Brando before he got fat

I know Daniel pays you for your "south of the border" spirit, but let's give Daniel a break