Donna: We got a hit... from the U.S. military?
Dick: Jacob's activator was for a laser that was developed to take down nuclear missiles.

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Titans Season 2 Episode 4: "Aqualad"
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Titans Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Themyscira: Six months ago, you begged me to stay in San Francisco, insisting you deserve time to explore independence from Diana with your indie rock group of vigilante friends and now you wanna go home?
Donna: I was procrastinating. As a young girl, the idea of becoming a warrior, I couldn't wait. But now that the time has come to actually become it...
Themyscira: We wage the great battles and scars. That seems daunting.
Donna: Yeah. This is my destiny. And I'm ready.

Themyscira: This is about Garth. Next time don't waste so much energy deflecting. Atlantians are highly skilled warriors and troublemakers. Clearly Garth's been blessed with other noble attributes.
Donna: So, you've been following me?
Themyscira: Surely you don't think I let you run around with your friends without keeping tabs. By the way, the next time you need a good birthday cake, I recommend Tartine on the mission. They have a divine deux cross.
Donna: Hmm, since you know everything, I'll just shut up.
Themyscira: Quite the contrary. You asked for more time here, I granted it. You still have six months left. Whether you want to use it or not, that's your choice.
Donna: Sometimes it's not.