Constantine: Look mate I am fishing, I admit it. But, what I want to know is why now? You see, Masaki died five years ago; Phillip three. They were resting in peace until...
Jim: Whatever happened to wake 'em.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 5: "Danse Vaudou"
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jim: You three are some act.
Constantine: Yeah well, it's no act supercop. See the police they're looking for a living killer in that alleyway stabbing and they're not gonna find him.
Jim: Uh huh.
Constantine: Based on what I saw in the alleyway and now here on this road you've got two perps on the loose and they're very possibly dead or undead.
Jim: I can't believe I give you the time of day.

Jim: Very good. I think I got a couple of junior detective badges back at the station. Jim Corrigan; NOLA PD homicide and you are?
Constantine: Here to help you Jimmy boy.
Zed: Jimmy?
Constantine: John Constantine. This is Chas and Zed. We're investigating the occult phenomenon that happened here last night.
Jim: Whoa occult investigators? Con men don't normally introduce themselves as con men, well that's novel.
Zed: Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
Jim: Where'd you hear that?
Zed: Was that your mother teaching you to shoot?