Max: Sharpe, I wanna start chemo. No clinical trials. No risks. [looks at Georgia] I don't want to risk losing you again. You are my priority which means --
Helen: No. No, you are not resigning.
Max: I have no choice.
Floyd: You will if we help you. If you're willing to delegate, we'll all have your back.
Kapoor: Like you've had ours.
Iggy: Yeah, count me in.
Dora: Me too.
Lauren: I don't mind putting in the extra time if it means keeping you around.
Max: Guys, you're not hearing me.
Fulton: I think they're hearing you just fine, Max. These are your people. This is your hospital, for better or worse, there is no going back, Max.
Max: Georgia, help me out.
Georgia: Max is about to face the most intense fight of his life and above everything he had to take care of himself, which is why he's not quitting. This job, this job is who you are. In some ways, it's who you have always been. I honestly believe that by staying here working, helping it will keep you alive.

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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10: "Six or Seven"
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Helen: There's something else. Something you all need to know in order to treat him properly when he arrives.
Floyd: Sharpe what a going on?
Helen: Max has squamous cell carcinoma. Advanced stages. The trauma team is going to meet us here.
Iggy: Whoa, whoa, hold on a second.
Floyd: How long have you known about this?
Helen: Since his first day.
Dora: Since his first day?
Helen: I know this is shocking, but you have to put it aside so we can deal with this.

Georgia, Georgia. Max can't breathe. You need to help him breathe.