My name is Molly Woods and I went to space on a thirteen month solo mission... but I didn't come home alone. I testified before Congress that no alien life form had ever set foot on planet Earth. I lied. And today, I'm here to speak the truth. I'd like you to meet someone. Ares, stand up. Ares is one of many survivors of atrocities committed by our government. Yes, he's different from us. But not so different, really. If you cut him, he bleeds. And if you hurt him, he'll fight. But he doesn't want war or destruction. He dreams of a family, of safety, of a place where he can settle among people he's never known, as if he's known them his whole life. He dreams of a home. Ladies and gentlemen, there is life out there. And now, it's here.


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Extant Season 2 Episode 13: "The Greater Good"
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Extant Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Molly: I didn't shoot you. We've just seen proof. The GSC created a Molly Humanich that looks just like me. That's how they did it. It wasn't me.
JD: She sure as hell fooled me.

You know, down here, the young ones call you "the hand of death." You invented the hybrid virus. You chose your side.