Okay, what if I said I didn't see your talent? What if I saw you as a walking PR disaster? Shall I be more cynical, or, um, honest as you say because cynicism's just honesty in code and say that you are a hyper-intelligent minority at Pierpoint.


A guy died. The bank was responsible. Your job was to elide that responsibility. I can testify to the culture of this place, a culture that you do your best to hide.


Years boxed up in seconds.


Robert: So, what would you do if they just let you go next week?
Harper: I'd think of all the wasted opportunities.

For me, it's a -- a learning experience. But for you, it doesn't have to be a defining one. We're all a team, aren't we?


Daria: What happened in there?
Harper: Nothing.
Daria: I'm sick of your lies, Harper. It's a pattern, isn't it? And a pattern makes a person.

Harper: Why do you like him? Is it ’cause he was born rich, and you like, what, look up to that? Are you sure that he even likes you?
Robert: I think he likes me more than you do at the moment.

Kenny: What do you reckon happened to Eric? Aren't you pally with the girl on his desk?
Yasmin: I don't know. I don't think she does either.
Kenny: I've heard four different stories, so it has to be something political.
Yasmin: Well, I mean, we all know how he behaved on the floor.
Kenny: Yas, that's the business. You don't get fired for that if he got fired at all.

Sorry. I don't know what I -- I don't know why I want to humiliate you, but I do. It's instinctive, and that's not good. It's just not good anymore.


Azar: Do you think your father or his money would still be in your life if I had left him twenty years ago? Because I wanted to. Don't waste your life with someone who doesn't fulfill you.
Yasmin: I can't leave him in a worse state than when I found him. The person who does that is the worst.
Azar: You aren't responsible for him. I may not understand some of the choices you've made -- your career. But I'm happy you have the freedom to make them. I envy it. It's a privilege.

Nicole: Does thinking in these absolute terms all the time not exhaust you?
Harper: Do you actually think that I'm good at my job?
Nicole: I don't know you, Harper. Now is there anything else I can do for you?
Harper: You can apologize.
Nicole: Sorry. You've -- you've found your conscience in the toilet, have you? Yeah, it's funny how you ignore it when you need my money.

You can't look at a number like that on paper with your name next to it and still doubt yourself. That's not logical.