Those big musical numbers I've been hearing, this might be totally crazy, but I'm not sure I'm minding them like I used to. I think that they might actually be helping me.


You also sang Pressure to me in a room full of people. I find you charming and disturbing like a Pomeranian wearing a tutu.

Danny Michael Davis

Wow mom. I didn't know you were such a pioneer.


David: I thought we agreed to be together forever.
Emily: The contract states 'till death do us part. After that, I'm free to do my own thing again.

Would you like a straw? Would that help you drink my wine even faster?


What is "and so on?" What are you going to write our eulogies for us too?


Simon: I couldn't find my pasta strainer so I think I'm gonna have to use the tennis racquet method.
Zoey: Isn't that the best way to serve?

Because sleeping with the boss is the fastest way to career advancement.


Now, can we please stop speaking Zoey?


What kind of a restaurant won't accommodate a wheelchair? This is 2020 how is that even allowed?


Hurt people hurt people.


The player thinks he's coming for a piece of quiche, but he's going to get a piece of my mind instead.


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Now I know you're telling the truth because no one would ever lie about doing something that heartless.


So now Zoey can manipulate the laws of physics too? This is really incredible.