Ramon: Now that was dancing like a man.
[Shane punches Ramon]
Shane: You’re kinda man. Not mine.

June: The minute Cassie sees us together … she’ll pull you back in. You’ll try to resist, but she’ll wear you down because Cassie always wins, while I’ll be left in her shadow. No career, no future … no you. No way!
Nabil: You have seen I am strong.
June: Cassie is stronger.
[June leans close and touches Nabil’s arm]
June: If you care about me, dig deep tonight and dance hard. Help me show Ramon I can deliver.

Madame Dubois: You’ve rolled in Oren’s bed and now you’ve made your own. Neveah, your time here has finally come to an end. You’re out!
Neveah: This is a set-up!
Madame Dubois: It’s a simple enforcement of the rules.

Katrina: We need to be careful how we spin this.
Bette: There’s nothing to spin. Mom, you gotta believe me! I didn’t do this!
Katrina: The police are telling a very good story. So, if you wanna get out of here…
[Katrina whispers into Bette’s ear]
Katrina: You need to tell a better one!

Can I say one thing? Ten hours from now, we are going to be standing on Mars.


Ram: What was it Aldrin said when he first saw the Moon?
Kwesi: Magnificent desolation.
Ram: You're really gonna grow a garden here?
Kwesi: Oh, more than that. We are going to prove that life has grown here before.

Ram: Emma, I know you're scared, and I know you well enough to know why, but our lives are not your responsibility.
Emma: Yes, they are. It's my job to get you to Mars.
Ram: We got each other here. Emma, I hope we make it down alive, and I hope Pegasus is waiting for us when we land, but whatever happens, in about an hour, the entire world is gonna stop. Billions of people are gonna stop what they're doing, and they're gonna look up at the sky, and that is something I'm willing to die for. We all are. Our deaths are not your burden to carry; do you understand?

Kwesi: It occurs to me; I never said I was sorry.
Misha: Sorry for what?
Kwesi: Well, it must be terrifying to lose your vision.
Misha: Kwesi...
Kwesi: No, when a piece of my heel floated away, I got scared, and that was just my foot. But Ram assured me that it was natural. No, more than that -- necessary. To survive space, our bodies must adapt. So, perhaps losing your vision isn't such a bad thing.
Misha: Oh, believe me, Kwesi, it's, uh, it's bad.
Kwesi: Or perhaps you're ahead of the curve.
Misha: Ahead of the c... you're saying what? That we all will go blind in space?
Kwesi: I'm saying we will learn to see in a different way.

Lulishka, people who don't know you think you are cold. I know you have the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. Now, let me tell you something; it took me almost sixty years to learn. Motherland is just an idea. Borders don't exist. The only thing that matters is the people you love. Whatever you owe them, you already paid, and if they're not proud of who you really are, Lu, they're just stupid fools.


Misha: You know, I can see. Not like you, just... just patches of color and light. It's like an out-of-focus painting. Very scary, and also very beautiful. But you think I'm -- I'm really ahead of the curve?
Lu: I think you might be the first true Martian.

If only everything lost on this journey could come back, huh?


I do not exist. I exist only if the motherland exists.


Netflix Quotes

Jonathan: I notice a little bit of dryness on your cheek.
Tom: That’s my Lupus.
Jonathan: Okay, let’s talk about that a little. One thing I know about Lupus is that it’s all about SPF. Like, we have to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays because sun actually can cause inflammation and flare ups for people with Lupus.
Tom: Right...
[Cut to Jonathan’s confessional]
Jonathan: How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you, and he’s not taking care of himself.

Bobby: We are about to pull in. What’s our mission today with Tom?
Jonathan: We’re gonna dust off these Christmas ghosts’ pasts of these relationships, we’re gonna sort out his closet, we’re gonna get him cuter, we’re gonna get him looking good, we’re gonna get the house fixed up. We’re ready! We cannot wait. Am I right?
All: Yes!