Icicle: I want to show you something so you understand. Look, look at what I made. Do you remember what this town was like before I came here? It was dying. We brought it back, better than it ever was. That’s what all of this is: to help people. I just... I want to help people.
Barbara: Tell that Joey Zarick and his parents and to Henry King.
Icicle: Over half a million Americans die from cancer every year, Barbara, every year. Now what if I told you it would take a half a million lives right now, but I could cure cancer forever. What would you do?
Barbara: No one was going to die because of the way people think.
Icicle: Yeah, but they do. My wife died because of the way people think, because of greed and politics, but I can change that, and it’s not too late. It’s not. I can still save America, Barbara. It doesn’t have to be today, but I can do it. And you could help and Courtney could. I can protect her from the others. I can. I can keep her safe, and we go somewhere. We could go somewhere else and start again. We could start anew.
Barbara: You’re out of your damn mind. Your wife would be horrified to see the person you’ve become.
Icicle: You didn’t know my wife. I will succeed, Barbara. Look at me. I will succeed, and I will kill your daughter and your husband for what you have all done. I want you to think about that on the way down.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 13: "Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two"
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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Please Pat, it’s me. It’s Courtney, your daughter. Ever since we came to Blue Valley, you’ve been there for me, every time I needed you. I need you now, Pat. I really, really need you.


Girl: What’s happening?
Icicle: Don’t worry child. It’ll be all right.
Girl: What’s wrong with my dad?
Icicle: Well, what’s happening right now to your father, to all of them, they’re going to think differently when they wake up. They’re going to believe in all the right things, all the things they should. They’re going to become better people – good people.
Girl: My dad’s already a good person.
Icicle: You’ll see.