Not so long ago, I was where you is right now...when you realize you been dying for a long time and just want it to stop. I tried to drown myself, but I was saved, I thought I was all alone, but someone reached a hand out and showed me I wasn't. I don't know if I should reach a hand out to you. I'm not sure you deserve to be saved. Things you done, blood on your daughter, she survived you, but how many others haven't? Tom was, I would have sat here and watched you pull that trigger, maybe even done it myself. But something in my heart has shifted recently. And I'm glad for it because it's let me start to forgive myself. We don't have to keep feeding the darkest part of ourselves.


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Underground Season 2 Episode 10: "Soldier"
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Underground Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Georgia: I want to help them, I do, but there are only three of us.
Elizabeth: We can change that. If they're afraid of John Brown, let them know that they should be.
Rosalee: Give them their revolt.
Georgia: You are talking about armed insurrection for one man and his family.
Noah: If we ain't doing this for a good man and his family, then who the hell are we doing this for?

George: He did have one other request for you, ma'am.
Harriet: And what is that?
George: He'd like you to be part of the raid.