Cox: Now it is time for a boring announcement about a pointless tradition brought to you by an empty figure head with a failing liver and an over active libido.
Kelso: Thank you, Perry. You and your filled muscle smut.
Cox: I miss this.
Kelso: Yeah me too, it kills me that we're friends now.

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Perry Cox, Bob Kelso
Scrubs Season 9 Episode 7: "Our White Coats"
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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Perry: To recap, what is the number one attribute all medical school students share with this skeleton?
Lucy: The hollow area of nothing in the skull?
Perry: Exactly.

Elliot: I would never give birth under a tree, although JD and I did conceive this baby under one. It was a Christmas tree. Not in our house. It was still on the lot. We made a lot of Christians uncomfortable that day.
Lucy: I once got felt up in a pumpkin patch.
Elliot: Don't you just love the holidays?