Janitor: Oh, now it's time to ruin the game! Come with me to the window!
Dr. Cox: Why? What do you have, some elaborate plan?
Janitor: I do, as a matter of fact. I convinced everybody in this hospital that's afraid of me to go outside and spell out the score of the game.
Dr. Cox: Really?
Janitor: No, you idiot. I'm just gonna tell you the score of the game...maybe knock your head against the glass.

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Perry Cox, The Janitor
Scrubs Season 4 Episode 15: "My Hypocritical Oath"
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Scrubs Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

J.D.: Hey, Kylie, there you are.
Kylie: Hey! J.D.!
J.D.'s Narration: This is your moment! Grab it! Listen, Kylie... Out loud, you idiot! Out loud!

J.D.: What are you doing here?
Kylie: My girlfriend Tamyra, from the club? She's also feeling a little sick, and you'll never guess what she has.
J.D.: Gonorrhea! I mean... gonorrhea.