Ron: What are you wearing?
April: Andy and I put all of our stuff in garbage bags, and every day I put on the first five random things I pull out.
Ron: OK, where is Andy?
April: Andy, Ron’s on!
Andy: Hey, Ron.
Ron: Where are you son? Why are you in another room? Are you quarantining?
Andy: No, well kinda. I locked myself in the shed and can’t get out.
Ron: Why doesn’t April let you out?
Andy: Oh, Ron, Burt Macklin FBI does not need anyone to help him escape a measly shed.
Ron: How long you been in there?
Andy: Two days. I’m pretty hungry.

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Parks and Recreation Season 8 Episode 0: "A Parks and Recreation Special"
Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 8 Episode 0 Quotes

Ben: The most incredible thing happened. OK, so today I’m cleaning the house and get dizzy from the cleaning supplies, and then I homeschool the kids -- but they don’t learn anything because of the dizziness. But then I had the most amazing idea. Do you remember this guy?
Leslie: Oh no.
Ben: Ah, but here’s the twist. Do you also remember this?
Leslie: Oh no, oh, no, no, no. Oh no, no, no.
Ben: Six words babe: Cones of Dunshire the Claymation movie. The entire story just popped into my head. This humble little nobody, living his life, walking around on a random Tuesday when suddenly he finds out from an ancient scroll that he is actually the Ledgerman.
Leslie: Honey, did you put all the caps back on the cleaning supplies?
Ben: Now, the title is either “Cones of Dunshire: The Ledgerman’s Ascent” or, of course, “Cones of Dunshire: The Curse of the Arbadoo’s Prophecy.”

Hi, my name’s Bobby Newport, and as you can see I’m in Switzerland at my family’s private hunting estate, but I haven’t caught any yet. They’re so fast. You get close, and it’s like, zoom, they’re gone.

Bobby Newport