Carla: OK, I know how you can regain control of Keith.
Elliot: Carla, don't bother, booty call was for a while, but I am so sick of being this cold, emotionless bastard.
Dr. Cox: I never get sick and tired of that. It is awesome being that.
J.D.: We love it. (Puts arm on Dr. Cox's shoulder)
Dr. Cox: No.
J.D.: It's too much, I know.

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J.D., Carla Espinosa, Elliot Reid, Perry Cox
Scrubs Season 5 Episode 13: "My Five Stages"
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Scrubs Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

He hid them in his pantalones. He loves these apples. He makes apples pie and apples juice with them.


Now, let's talk, Ted. Just you and me. No lawyers.

Dr. Kelso