Marnie: OK, well, let's just talk about the aesthetic of the wedding.
Bebe: OK.
Marnie: We're thinking Laurel Canyon classic, so does that mean anything to you?
Bebe: Like a Selena Gomez kind of thing?
Marnie: Nope, lemme try that one more time. Let's do like a Ralph Lauren and Joanie Mitchell. Artistic, but also with a nod to my cultural heritage, which is white Christian woman. My fiance and I -- both musicians.
Bebe: OK, so, Jesus. Selena Gomez meets Jesus. I can do it.

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Marnie Michaels
Girls Season 5 Episode 1: "Wedding Day"
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Girls Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Shoshanna: Oh, wow. You look so whimsical-slash-beautiful.
Jessa: Thank you. I just bathed in the stream and then I ran through the field to dry myself.

By the way, living in Japan has made me so effing good at folding, steaming, pressing, et cetera. My friend Satako says that I'm, like, a complete natural, and could totally compete with the best of them. They have this reality TV show there called "Fold, Fold, Press" which is kind of about being human.