To me, the evidence suggests that James killed his wife and fled. It's my case, and that's the lead we're following.


I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I think I'm gonna make an appointment with a shrink.


I had an issue with texting while driving, but I fixed it. Now I just don't look at my phone while I type.


You and I are close, and I value your opinion.


Hope: Just be careful, if your dad's hiding something, I'm sure it's for a good reason.
Lizzie: I'm sure I can handle whatever it is.

Hope: Hi.
Lizzie: Knock yourself out. First time's kind of freaky because you're basically talking to your subconscious.
Hope: Thanks, this is for you . [Hands over Gemini Coven Book].
I saw your dad looking at it, keeps it locked up in his office, so it's bound to have something about that merge thing Josie's looking for.
Lizzie: For once, your weird relationship with my dad actually comes in handy.

I just have this feeling that everything is going to work out just fine.


You're asking me to believe that something that has been basically a mud robot has been searching for me?


Usual debrief before you throw him into the pit. Find out where he's from, family, any other phoenixes he's willing to give up.

MG's Mom

Miller: Let me tell you something. You're either a wolf in this life or you're a lamb. My father was a lamb. He had a little shop and the wolves in the neighborhood stole everything, and when there was nothing left to steal they'd take my sister into a back room and my father did nothing to stop them. I learned right then and there that I'd rather run with the wolves.
Carisi: Shut up. [Handcuffs Miller]
Miller: I'll be out of these cuffs in an hour.
Benson: You may be surprised. When word gets out that you've been arrested, your friends will turn on you. That's the thing about wolves. No one helps them when they're bleeding.

Dodds: Olivia. I'm not saying you're wrong.
Benson: Then what are you saying?
Dodds: That if we strike at the king and miss, it's both our heads on the chopping block.
Benson: Then let's make sure we don't miss.

Nikki: Rob Miller was right. Everything that happened was consensual.
Rollins: While you were unconscious?