Wanna ask me what's in my pants? I took the duplicate files and the originals knowing if I got caught with originals they would never suspect I also took the duplicates. Jason Bourne.


Nancy: We're gonna work together to break into the morgue tonight.
George: Wait, who said we were gonna do anything?
Nancy: Well, as fellow suspects you should be highly incentivized to help me.

Nancy: George! What are you doing here?
George: Saving your ass. I figured you'd be dumb enough to get caught.

Nick: Don't tell me you plan on doing something dangerous again.
Nancy: I won't...tell you.

Nancy: Nevermind, it's crazy.
Bess: No, no, no. Go. I love crazy.

Your car will understand.


Bess: The thing is that I don't really date anybody. Boys...girls...
Ace: Why not?
Bess: I don't know. I guess I've just been on my own for so long that I never let myself drop an anchor to get close to someone like that.
Ace: I can be your anchor. Your platonic anchor. I call that a platanchor. If you let me.
Bess: Are you asking to be my friend?
Ace: Yeah.

Hiram: Oh, are you receiving some blowback from lying through your teeth to get me arrested? How unfortunate.
Veronica: Why did you leak the story? Was it a desperate ploy to get me to come see you?
Hiram: Miha, I’m not paying for your crimes. I merely told the truth. I told the world what you are: a “Lodge,” through and through. Deal with it.

Cruz: I just mean, it’s just like we’re always working during the good stuff, and maybe I should just put in for furlough. That’s what I’ll do; I’ll put in for furlough. ‘Cuz you deserve some things.
Chloe: Joe, why are you acting weird?
Cruz: Weird. What weird? Who’s weird? I’m not acting weird.
Chloe: OK. I got to get to work before Schneiderman arrives. He’s watching me like a hawk.
Cruz: I get it. Of course, he wants to watch you. I love to watch you. Who wouldn’t?

When I was in med school, we had a unit on bacterial infections. The only thing that stopped me from wearing those Hazmat suits all day was these things weren’t contagious. If this thing is spread on contact – or even worse airborne – this entire city is going to drop like flies.


Brett: Even with two busted engagements, I can’t help it; I’m a romantic, you know when they’re just so good together.
Mouch: Trudy was afraid she’d always be a spinster too.

Hermann: That’s terrifying.
Severide: The news wants you scared. That’s how they boost their ratings.
Hermann: Yeah, well OK, it’s working.
Boden: This kind of trouble stirs up the city.
Hermann: Yeah, well I’m going to call Cindy because she watches The Walking Dead like it’s a documentary. She sees this? She’s gonna lose her mind.