Do you want me to wrap that in a bag of frozen peas or something?


Please tell me someone is going to answer that.


Executioner: Do you have any final words?
Red: I'll save my final words for my next life.

That urn looks familiar.


Leo: I'm going to tell our father.
Brady: Please don't. He might take away my allowance or ground me.

Oh my God! Haley Haley Haley! That's all you talk about. It's like you're obsessed with her or something.


Every single one of us is shaped by the totality of our relationships. People we love and people we hate. All make their mark.


Malloy: Y'know, this is the first person I've been involved with on this ship. I'm not allowed to be happy? You can bang a Krill but I can't date a sales rep at Macy's?
Mercer: She lied to me. I didn't lie to myself. There's a difference.

The universe is not governed by individual perception. It matters what's true.


Keyali: Do you think he's working too hard?
Grayson: Gordon? Never.

I just think it would be nice to be remembered for something. Y'know? I mean, we all live and die on this planet and most of us are just forgotten. To me, there's nothing sadder about the world than that.


I don't even have to be a huge success. I just want to be rich enough to be unhappy but not enough to be miserable.