Listen up. After the final sirens, crimes can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Let's get to it, people.

Purge Manager

Armed robbery. Call upstairs and initiate liquidation protocol.


Becky: Gladys, hey!
Giselle: Don't say Hi to Gladys, we don't work at Empire anymore. We run Bossy Media, remember?
Becky: Excuse you, I was well-loved here.
Giselle: But, she's not your co-worker anymore.
Becky: I know. We are the competition.
Giselle: This is a negotiation, so when Andre tries to pat our heads.
Becky: No one's patting my head.
Giselle: Shut that condescension down.

Everyone's seen Cookie's cookies.


Giselle: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Becky: Of course I am. Let's get a brick and bus all these windows.
Giselle: Or we just sign Tiana right from under him.
Becky: I'm actually not thinking that at all.

Andre: This meeting and deal are off.
Becky: Okay, not what I was expecting.
Giselle: What's going on, Andre?
Andre: Your fingerprints are all over that stunt Tiana pulled. You met with her, unsanctioned, and put a bat on your back.
Giselle: Because that was our bright idea to get you to agree to a collab with our artist?
Becky: Exactly, and you know that this collab is going to rehab Tiana's career. You've seen me do this with artists for years.
Andre: I'll get Tiana back on track without the help of your little label.
Becky, Giselle: Oh, little label.
Andre: Which won't be working with Tiana or any Empire artist ever.

Randall: I am sorry for how I talked to you earlier. But you have never liked me from the day you met me.
Carol: That is not true. I always liked you. It is true that I didn't want you to go out with Bethany. I didn't think you were right for her. But I was wrong. When I met you, I didn't see the strong partner, the man and father you'd become.

She is 15. She can't go out with someone who goes around putting babies in people.


Maybe I didn't fight in a war, but I have the right to have a crappy day like anyone else.


Nicky: How many of these do we have to look at before you give up?
Kevin: Cassidy, you were in military intelligence. I bet you can negotiate a good deal.
Cassidy: Yeah, that's exactly what the military prepares you for. Negotiating with RV dealers.

Randall: I think we have to take into account how much pressure she's under and try not to exacerbate that pressure
Beth's mom: Are you telling me how to speak to my daughter?

Kevin: They cancelled The Manny.
Nicky: That thing is still on?
Kevin: I can't believe it's finally over. It was eight years ago I shot the pilot.
Nicky: I never saw it. Saw a commercial once though. You were drinking out of a baby bottle.