Athan: You speak about time as if it's the enemy.
Cassie: We can call ourselves healers all we want, but all we're really doing is just fighting the clock, and it always wins.

You're too late. What's done cannot be undone. I feel nothing for you. There is nothing in morality or causality that can stop me from killing you. Go live your lives, what little you have left of them.


Fortunately, I possess the means to stay sane. The ability travel anywhere, anywhen, at will. [Suit breaks, out loud] Well, that's unfortunate.

Athan [in his head]

If I had anything like that, even for a minute, I'd give up a lifetime of anything else.

Vagrant Cole

Athan, one day you'll have all the power in the world. Only a man who has learned to live with nothing can understand what wielding that really means.


Eliza: Did you have your way with me?
Athan: No, that's not part of the cure. And I find you far more useful conscious.

Jones: I have known in my life two great agonies: the pain of losing a child and the pain of being betrayed by one. Did it ever occur to you to tell me the truth?

To be primary is beautiful. It is to be a part of nature, a part of time itself.


He didn't want his future. He despised it. He wanted a future that was his own. You should know that your son wasn't just a primary. He was kind.


I've learned that love knows nothing of time. I've consumed my days with a woman who defies destiny. What better way to defy my own?


Whoever you are today is not who you have to be tomorrow.


Athan: When are we, exactly?
Cole: December 26th, 1959, right after I undid our lives here.
Cassie: This would have been your home.
Athan: Chased through time by sentimentalists.
Cole: Sit down, you little shit.

12 Monkeys Season 3 Quotes

Cole: How is this not a paradox?
Future Cole: This helps with that [points to his chest].
Cole: That's a machine?
Future Cole: No, this is just what we all wear in the future. Yes, it's a machine!

Cole: Who are you?
Sock Mask Dude [unmasks]: That's right. Take it all in. Greetings, asshole. I'm future asshole.