Eddie: I was just thinking about the last time we were in the hospital together then Theo was born, only I didn't get there til afterward, and I promised you that I would never drink again.
Katherine: And you haven't.
Eddie: No, I didn't, but I still went to that bar. If I hadn't ... look, I just can't help but feel like once again I let you down, and I would totally understand if you said you couldn't do this again. 

Rome: I can't believe you are saying no to a baby again.
Gina: That's not fair! When have I ever said no to a baby? When we got married we both said no to kids. The adoption was my idea, and the only reason I paused on Eve was because I was afraid she would do exactly what she did, and now just hours after losing a baby that we held that we thought was ours, I can't just erase him with another child. That's not fair to you, that's not fair to me, and most of all, that's not fair to that baby in Lennox. Baby, I know you want this. I want it too, but not like this.
Rome: What if we never get another chance? 

Alright, look dude, here's the deal. You're fighting for your life. I've seen you throw a punch, it's not great. I know a true friend is supposed to give you permission to stop fighting, but just so we're clear, you do not have that permission. You hear me? You cannot leave us. You can't leave Katherine. You can't leave your son.  You can't leave your daughter. You can't leave me.


I got into a fight with a car. I lost.


You asked me at the hospital if I was committed to spending the rest of my life with you. Eddie, there is something I have to tell you, I am. Eddie Saville, will you finally marry me again? 


To me, family is the people who hold your hand as you take a million little steps in the right direction.


Gina: I can't do this right now, Rome. I can't.
Rome: Eddie has been in an accident, and they're airlifting him to Boston General. 
Gina: My God.
Rome: It doesn't sound good.

Gary: Where is Lindsay anyway?
Delilah Katherine kicked her out.
Darcy: Good. Sorry, but as soon as Lindsay got back into town, Eddie went to a bar. I don't blame Katherine for kicking her out.

Because of the seriousness of this moment, I'm not going to make a threesome joke.


I'm so sorry. You two have been nothing but kind but that's just it. Everything that you've done and all that support from the shelter, I realized for the first time I can do this on my own.


Gina: Rome, what is going on?
Rome: Eve wants to talk to us, babe. She changed her mind.

Eddie: I found my clothes, and the bracelet I got her, it was in my pocket. I remember now. It slipped off her hand when I tried to grab her.
Lindsay: That doesn't mean you did anything.
Eddie: I took Alex on the boat that night. I was with her when she drowned, that's why my clothes were wet. If it weren't for me, she would be alive right now.
Lindsay: We were all drinking that night. You won't know that what happened was your fault. Eddie, what are you right now? Are you at a bar?
Eddie: I gotta go.

A Million Little Things Quotes

Theo: I'd like to make a toast. The Egyptians believed that you die twice. Once when you take your final breath, and then again the last time someone says your name. They believe your spirit lives on as long as people kept remembering you. So as long as we all keep remembering uncle Jon, he'll never really be gone. Was that okay?
Delilah: That is more than okay, Theo.

John: Friendship is when you don't care when your buddy throws up in your car when you're taking him back from chemo.
Gary: And yet he keeps mentioning it.
John: Friendship is believing that your friend will one day make his movie.
Rome: What do you think I'm doing?
John: Friendship is holding a friend's hand when she loses her restaurant even though you know she's going to open up a better one. It's the person that you trust with your wallet, and your keys, and your wife, and your kids and it's being able to have the hard conversations and willing to listen. It's a million little things.
Everyone: A million little things.
John: A million little things.