Eddie: I heard what you said to Katherine.
Gary: Okay. Well, I didn't say anything to her that I wouldn't say to you.
Eddie: Give me a break. Good old Gary, everybody's friend. You tell me to come clean, to get help, and everything will be OK, so I do, and then behind my back, you give my wife to greenlight to leave me.
Gary: That's not--
Eddie: Just enough, Gary. Stop!
Gary: I know you're going through withdrawal --
Eddie: You don't know anything. Look, I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to fill Jon's shoes, but let me be clear, you're not Jon. You never will be Jon because Jon will never stab a friend in a back like that.

Maggie: Gary, I really like what we're becoming, and I know that you got that ring because you didn't think that I would make it, and if that year had been the last year of my life, it would've been a really amazing way for it to have ended.
Gary: Well, I'm glad it wasn't. So I guess I'm glad you didn't get this.
Maggie: We've both come a long way.
Gary: We really have. I'm with Darcy. And you're with Jamie. And he's with Nora.

Danny: I can't believe this. They changed the timeslot of my favorite show. Again.
Sophie: So.
Danny: So? I got used to watching it on Thursdays. It started my weekend off right. That's it. Weekends start on Wednesdays now.

Gary: Where's Theo?
Katherine: oh, he's upstairs. Angry at me.
Gary: At you?
Katherine: Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.
Gary: OK. You want to talk about you?
Katherine: What's to talk about? Same old story. Eddie breaks his promise, and I'm paying the price again. Theo blames me for working too much. What choice do I have? Mom's coming over to help with his online school because someone needs to pay the mortgage. And my office. And the neighbor's car, and now his rehab. I, uh, I don't think I can do this anymore.
Gary: I get it. Only so much a person can take, right? Nobody's going to blame you if you've reached your limit, Katherine.

You know, your father wasn't perfect either.


People deal with loss in different ways, which apparently all involve throwing away money.


Katherine: So the pills I accused Dakota of taking?
Eddie: I took them. But I'm telling you now, I'm done. Katherine, I'm so sorry.
Katherine: Stop. Stop. I don't care that you're sorry.
Eddie: I know.

Eddie: We can tell Theo that I'm going to go visit my sister.
Katherine: We're not going to do that.
Eddie: No, it's OK. It'll be like when you said you were at the Grand Canyon.
Katherine: I didn't say that. You did.
Eddie: I can't tell Theo the truth, not now after what happened with the neighbor today, he'll never forgive me.
Katherine: I'm not going to lie to our son, Eddie. That is what you do.

Eddie: Mr. Anderson was wrong, but I shouldn't have done that. But I wanna to explain to you why that happened. You know I have a problem with alcohol. Well, I have begun having a problem with medication too. It's the pain pills from the hospital, I started taking them a little too much. And just like I had to go somewhere to get help to stop drinking before them before, I'm going someplace today to help me get better. I am so sorry Theo. I hate letting you down, but it's just important to your mom and to me that we be honest and tell you exactly what's happening.
Theo: I love you, Dad.
Eddie: I love you too, pal.

Theo [to Katherine]: This is all your fault. He needed you but you were too worried about going back to work.
Eddie: Theo, no, it is not her--
Theo: Yes, it is! You were supposed to take care of him. You were supposed to take care of all of us.
Eddie: No, Theo. Theo! Katherine...
Katherine: Don't.

Why do I have to be the good wife, mother, and daughter, when he gets to drink and lie? And, ugh, I'm just so sick of it. I don't want to be Katherine anymore. You know, for once, I just, I want to do something because I feel like doing it.


Jackie: So what you're saying is you took pills knowing what could happen. You lied to your family. Stole from your friends, broke your vows and the person you're most worried about in all of this is you?
Eddie: No, I, um, of course, I'm worried about them. Katherine and Theo and Charlie are everything to me.
Jackie: You could've fooled me. You never once stopped to mention what they're going through. Or what it's like for your wife to discover that you lied again. or for your son to be thrown into that kind of chaos.
Eddie: Hey, I didn't talk when you talked.
Therapist: Jackie!
Jackie: Sorry, but all I'm saying is above all else, your son needs to know he's safe. And from what you just said, it sounds like you're worried more about what he thinks about you. You can't have it both ways.

A Million Little Things Quotes

Theo: I'd like to make a toast. The Egyptians believed that you die twice. Once when you take your final breath, and then again the last time someone says your name. They believe your spirit lives on as long as people kept remembering you. So as long as we all keep remembering uncle Jon, he'll never really be gone. Was that okay?
Delilah: That is more than okay, Theo.

Jamie: It's nice doing sex with you, Margaret Bloom.
Maggie: It's nice doing sex with you, Jamie Clark.