For 25 minutes everyday this random group of misfits and nomads would sit together and have a meal. They were my family.


I'd understand if you never wanted to see Eddie again, and I'd understand if you took him back. He's your husband, and you have a child together. What I can't understand is trying to make it work. You either make it work, or you don't. Katherine Saville doesn't try to win cases; she wins them. If you're going to be in, be all in.


Eric: I'm so sorry.
Gary: This isn't on you, man. All you did was need a heart.

Rome: This morning, man. That was ..
Eddie: Complicated.
Rome: I was going to say awkward as hell but complicated works. How is all that going?
Eddie:  Ah, you know, super good considering I just had a child with another woman as I'm trying to patch things up with my wife.

What have I done? Everybody hates me. My husband, my daughter, and now Eric. 


Rome: We're the worst babysitters ever.
Eddie: I am not her babysitter.
Rome: No, Ed, I didn't mean --
Eddie: I should know how to calm her down. She's my daughter. I should know all of her little quirks. I should know which cry means she's hungry, and which cry means she's tired, but I don't. I don't want to be her babysitter, I want to be her father.

Eddie: Oh, hey man, I didn't know you were going to be here.
Rome: Yeah, D asked me to babysit.
Eddie: Oh.
Rome: Yeah, yeah, you know what?  You should join. I could use the help. That's if you're not busy. You guys are probably busy. I didn't say nothing. Forget what I said. What I say? Nothing.

Patricia: Honey, um, Eric ... honey, there is something you need to know about the night Chad died.
Maggie: What does that have to do with him?
Patricia: Everything. Eric has your brother's heart.

Katherine, wait. I know how hard this must be. Just, please!
Katherine Don't. Don't pretend you have any idea what I must be going through. 


Regina: What if Andrew is right? What if this restaurant is doomed to fail.
Delilah: It's not.
Regina: Well that's easy for you to say, D because I'm the one in the driver's seat.
Delilah: Excuse me? 
Regina: We fail it is all on me.
Delilah: Gina, we're not going to fail.

Eric: Grief has a way of making people do crazy things. Trust me.
Maggie: Did you lose somebody too?
Eric: My fiancee.

You know I missed the first three months of Theo's life because I was in rehab. Now I'm here and I know exactly what I'm missing. 


A Million Little Things Quotes

John: Friendship is when you don't care when your buddy throws up in your car when you're taking him back from chemo.
Gary: And yet he keeps mentioning it.
John: Friendship is believing that your friend will one day make his movie.
Rome: What do you think I'm doing?
John: Friendship is holding a friend's hand when she loses her restaurant even though you know she's going to open up a better one. It's the person that you trust with your wallet, and your keys, and your wife, and your kids and it's being able to have the hard conversations and willing to listen. It's a million little things.
Everyone: A million little things.
John: A million little things.

In every relationship, there is a flower and a gardener. And it sounds to me like you've been the gardener for a long time, but you need to tell Regina that you need to be a flower for a while.