she's right. These screenings are important. You should go. I'll take you.


Regina: How can he tell Maggie and not his own wife? What does that say about us?
Delilah: Jon didn't talk to me at all. You're asking the wrong person.

Maggie: I'm the one who referred him to Dr. Heller. He's been trying so had to get better, and I have been holding my breath waiting for you to know because as much as I hope I've been helping him, I know the person he really needs to talk to is you. I'm so sorry, Gina. I understand if you're angry.
Gina: The thing is I don't have time to be angry because I have to use up all of my energy to make sure that my husband is OK.

Gary: You're not the boss of you anymore.
Rome: Says who?
Gary: According to this chart, Regina.

You're unbelievable. You know when you win this case, Henry is going to make you partner.


Regina: I really didn't want you to go to your ultrasound alone.
Delilah: Don't worry about it.