Just like Nakatomi Plaza.


Sousa: You know, I learned a long time ago not to let somebody do something stupid on their own.
Daisy: You learn that in the army?
Sousa: Brooklyn Scout Troop Eighty-Seven.
Daisy: Boy Scouts?
Sousa: We were kinda the bad boys of the Boy Scouts.

Sybil dropped Kora in my lap because they knew I'd want to save her. The thing is, I already have a sister to save. Her name is Jemma Simmons.


Daisy: Mack, you guys are my family. I don't know who I am without you guys.
Mack: No, Daisy-
Daisy: No, it's-
Mack: You know exactly who you are, with anyone.

Fitz: We don't have to rush. We could just take some time to live.
Simmons: Fitz-
Fitz: Well we built a nice home for ourselves here, could spruce it up. Live together. No mission, no end of the world. We could just be.
Simmons: Is this about the bloodwork?
Fitz: No, and yeah. But because we deserve it, regardless.
Simmons: We don't even know if it's-
Fitz: Listen. If May and Coulson taught us anything, it's that we should take the time that we have.

Kora: Every child loves her mother.
Daisy: Not every mother loves her back.
Kora: I'm sorry you didn't get that.
Daisy: I'm sorry you threw it away.

Kora: ...our goal is to reduce suffering. Believe me.
Daisy: I've suffered plenty at his hands.

Daisy: It won't be the same.
Mack: No, it won't. But that's okay.

Stuck in the 1980s. Used to have nostalgia for them. That is very gone.


Say what you will about the 50s', at least it doesn't know chivalry is dead.


Daisy: You really are square, aren't you?
Sousa: Harsh, but yes.

Daisy: Growing up, I never knew my mom. And when I finally found her, she wasn't who I hoped she would be.
Jiaying: She hurt you. I can't speak to your mother's reasons, but for me, sometimes trying to do the right thing comes out all wrong.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

Coulson: You must be Kora.
Kora: And you're Agent Coulson.
Garrett: Oh, call him Phil. I've seen it all bud, everything you did to me.
Coulson: I'm sorry, have we met?
Garrett: Not yet. But I got a sneak peek of my future and you play a big part in it. Here's a hint, you vaporized me with a space laser.
Coulson: Garrett. Clever. Digging up our greatest hits.
Garrett: I'm not even mad. They let me watch you die a bunch of times, made me feel better.
Coulson: Oh, yeah? Which one was your favorite?
Garrett: Uh, oh! Long-haired creepo stabbed you with a pointy stick. That was funny.
Coulson: You haven't changed a bit. And I'm aware that statement makes no sense.

The world is full of evil, lies, pain, and death and you can’t hide from it. You can only face it. The question is when you do, how do you respond, who do you become?