Jeanette: It's not like I've been sitting around.
Raelyn: I didn't say you were.
Jeanette: I've been filling out applications, going for assessments... I've been looking for work all day.
Raelyn: Yeah, well I HAVE been working. All night.

Administrator: Either we cut staff or we cut services.
Kimara: It comes out the same.
Administrator: We're not going to cut services.
Kimara: It's the same thing.
Administrator: It's not the same.
Kimara: It is the same. If we don't have the staff -
Administrator: Money comes and money goes. You know that.
Kimara: Money comes when bad things happen. When people feel guilty and it's too late to help.

Woman: So you've been a homemaker?
Jeanette: Well, no, I've helped my husband in his business. With clients and everything.
Woman: So employee relations and customer service.
Jeanette: Yes, if a buyer was coming in from out of town I'd try to make them welcome and show them the farm, give them a tour and stuff like that.
Woman: I see. And your interests...
Jeanette: Anything healthcare related? I thought I'd like to do that.
Woman: Well, maybe medical assistant certificate would be a good route for you.
Jeanette: What is that, like a nurse or something?
Woman: More like a physician's assistant, but unlicensed.
Jeanette: And how long would the course take?
Woman: Nine months.
Jeanette: Oh, no, I need something right now.
Woman: If you need something right away, try the local sit-down restaurants or fast food. If you're willing to do food service, there's plenty of opportunities available.
Jeanette: How much do those pay?
Woman: Minimum wage, about $7.50
Jeanette: My sister's making minimum wage. We need two incomes, two good paying incomes.
Woman: Well, get you a minimum wage job and take one of our courses and the time'll just fly by.

Raelyn: Sleep okay? I know you got that thing with your back.
Jeanette: Oh, I'm fine.
Raelyn: Carson called.
Jeanette: When?
Raelyn: On the cell, this morning. He wanted to know if I knew where you were.
Jeanette: What'd you say?
Raelyn: I hadn't heard from you.
Jeanette: Good.
Raelyn: He do something to you?
Jeanette: Not to me.
Raelyn: Then when are you gonna talk to him?
Jeanette: You're taking Carson's side now?
Raelyn: He's a good guy. And honestly, I wouldn't mind having a man around right about now.

Kimara: Abby, this is Kimara.
Abby: Hey. What's up?
Kimara: Abby, do you know Greg Stevens?
Abby: Uh huh.
Kimara: He asked me to confirm that I placed 105 people in your shelter. Hello?
Abby: Can we talk?
Kimara: That's what we're doing.
Abby: I can't do this in my office. So can we talk?
(After meeting in person)
Abby: I'm sorry Greg contacted you.
Kimara: Are you? Are you sorry he contacted me or sorry you committed fraud?

Claire: I wish I had put more into his early years. You get so stressed out , you know, that you don't realize how it's affecting you and then he's grown up and there's no stress anymore.
Nick: Yeah, cause you don't have to do anything. You got a nanny to do everything for you.
Claire: She doesn't do EVERYTHING.
Nick: No. She just does everything you're supposed to do. And here's the kicker, she only speaks French.
Claire: She's sweet.
Nick: Yeah, unless you tell her something in English. Then she just stares at you because she can't understand a word you're saying.

Kimara: The judge will grant the waiver for the abortion if you're under 20 weeks. You have to have an ultrasound.
Shae: Why do I have to have an ultrasound?
Kimara: Because you do.

Nicholas: I don't see the point of getting a nanny from Haiti who just speaks French.
Clair: Nicky wants to teach her English.
Nicholas: Your friend gets a nanny from Ghana -
Clair: She wants to teach Nicky French.
Nicholas: Nobody speaks French.
Clair: People in France speak French.
Nicholas: People in France are in France.
Clair: I speak French.

Coy: Take the pills.
Isaac: You were just a druggie wandering around the streets. I picked you up, gave you a job.
Coy: Take the pills.
Isaac: Hey, remember when you laughed at me about picking tomatoes?
Coy: Take the pills.

Shae: I'm supposed to be testifying against my pimp. You want to help stop him from hurting anyone else, so how come when I try to take care of myself you won't let me do it?
Judge: Not wanting a baby is not sufficient cause to terminate your pregnancy.
Shae: Then what would be?
Kimara: Shae...
Judge: If contacting a parent would put you in jeopardy.
Shae: I screwed guys in alleys because it was better than what I came from. I don't think it's fair for me to have to ask the person who made me want to screw guys in alleys for permission to get an abortion.

Jeanette: Why didn't you tell me you put a stop on that check?
Carson: Giving those people that money wasn't the right thing to do.
Jeanette: Well why didn't you tell me?
Carson: You were doing something that made you feel good and I... I thought if I just didn't tell you, maybe it'd get you out of this mood you've been in.
Jeanette: It made me feel good? That's why you think I did it? To feel good?

Coy: How do I get out of here? How much can I pay? How much do I owe?
Farm Owner: $363.
Coy: I got paid $40 on Friday. You can add that in.
Farm Owner: I already added it in. Work faster, you get paid more.
Coy: I just need a little help.
Farm Owner: Work faster.

American Crime Season 3 Quotes

Woman: I wish you had called me. I don't have anything.
Kamara: He's underage.
Woman: I have a woman whose boyfriend is threatening to kill her and her children. I really don't have anything.

Kamara: My name is Kamara. I want you to know you're not in trouble. I'm not with the police. Nobody wants to arrest you. We just want to arrest your pimp. I work with Project Open Road, an organization that works with victims -
Boy: I'm not a victim.