To this day, I still have that dream. I've tried yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy even. We escaped with our lives that night, but I never completely got over it. I'm not sure I ever will.


It was... inhuman. I mean, she was just a little girl. They were monsters.


Thou hath lost a son tonight. 'Tis a mother's burden to suffer the birth of her babe. But all agony pales when placed in measure with the cold death of that child.

The Butcher

I gave up. There was no way out. I just tried to soak up every last second I had left with Shelby because I knew, when that truck stopped, it was all over.


They tried for every minute of that 48 hours to catch me in an inconsistency. But there was no lie to catch. Because like Mark Twain said, if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.


They're all crazy. You have to get out of here. Get out before she comes. Look at me, in pieces. Mama took my leg. Mama took my leg. Kill me, kill me, kill me!

Elias Cunningham

We should have known, in that forest, we were nothing more than prey.


Shelby: Is that why you appeared? To save us?
Edward: No. You're my bane. My ruin.
Shelby: We're no threat to you.
Edward: All that I was is no more. Everything precious turned to dust. I have but one last sliver of grace -- my solitude, such as it is. I can hardly suffer three more souls.

Usurpers! Your time is nigh. The blood moon is upon us. We must honor our covenant with the ancient gods and consecrate this land once again. You were given opportunity to cede this territory and you did not. Your end shall be a merciless reckoning.

Ambrose White

The art never judges. I envy it. Life in two dimensions. Frozen in forever beauty. To watch the world go by, unencumbered by the gossip and pain of three-dimensional men. I love them, you know. The paintings. Even more than I love you.

Edward Philippe Mott [to Guinness]

Of all the horrors I'd seen, this one affected me to the core.


We have a deal with the Butcher. She's gonna get you back.

Mama Polk